Out of the box thinking

Applying to a local charity to fund for training is a different way to engage our services. This is what a parent in Market Harborough did when she realised that school staff couldn’t access sensory processing training any other way. The Market Harborough and Bowden’s Charity agreed to fund a half day interactive workshop for staff at a Market Harborough primary school. Opportunities were provided to explore sensory preferences, to experience sensory overload and to try out sensory equipment- including sour sweets and a vibrating pillow! Discussions included strategies to help children stay calm and alert, accommodations to the environment for…

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Introducing our new director

Jennifer Barrow, who has been an associate with Thrive for the last 5 years, has become our new director. Jennifer qualified as an occupational therapist in 1991 from Trinity College, Dublin and has recently completed the advanced practitioner training in Ayres Sensory Integration as part of her MSc pathway. She has worked within the UK and Guernsey, Channel Islands, supporting families and children in improving health and well-being. Jennifer joins Alison Barrett, Director, and together they hope to continue growing the business to match the needs of children and families.

Auguri (Best Wishes)

We start with a farewell to our founding director, Brenda McDonald. The enterprise she started in September 2010 with a vision to improve occupational therapy services offered to local children, has grown into a thriving (excuse the pun) company offering support, training and intervention packages to schools and parents in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire. Brenda you will be missed and best of luck on your new adventures.