Children’s Centres, Pre-Schools and Nursery Schools

Early YearsThrive offers a combination of health promotion, early identification and therapeutic services to children’s centres.

We can help your setting to achieve its objectives regarding:

  • Input in helping all children achieve EYFS aims and goals.
  • Educating parents and centre staff regarding child development and every day activities (feeding, toiling, sleeping, etc).
  • Early detection and early intervention of children with delays or difficulties.
  •  Supporting children and their families with special needs.
  • Demonstrating outcomes for children in self-care activities.

A few examples of services Thrive can offer at your setting include:

  • Drop-in sessions for parents/carers to discuss any concerns regarding their child’s development.
  • Assessment of a child’s developmental abilities and functional performance.
  • Individual occupational therapy to address identified areas of difficulty or delay.
  • Groups to enhance sensory, motor, social and behavioural skills in children as well as functional skills like dressing, eating and pre-writing/handwriting.

Our team can work within your setting on a regular basis or as required. Please contact us to find out more or to discuss how Thrive could work with you. Check out the testimonial page for feedback from parents and staff.