Does your child need help to reach their full potential?

Our team at Thrive helps children and young people of all abilities to maximise their potential through intervention to help them develop the necessary skills to participate fully in daily activities.

We will talk with you about your child’s development and the underlying abilities your child needs to engage in everyday day activities. We will investigate your child’s sensory processing as well as skills such as gross and fine motor skills, pretend play skills, self care skills, handwriting, attention, planning and organisation, and visual perceptionand and how deficits in these area may contribute to their day to day functioning.

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Parent Workshops

Parents 1These sessions are designed to enhance parent’s understanding of child development and strategies to promote their child’s participation in relevant areas. These groups are also provided to supplement the therapeutic services your child may be receiving from Thrive through a school or children’s centre.

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Please contact the team for information regarding these sessions.