“…Thanks for everything you’ve done for [our daughter] – she always enjoys your visits and will miss you popping in!  Particular thanks for teaching her how to drink from a straw and do buttons up – that’s been a godsend!! ”  (Lucy Russell, Parent, Rugby, January 2016)

Children’s Centres

“OT has been very helpful in not only providing assistance but also showing us ways we can help ourselves…” (Parent attending Movers and Groovers, at Ecton Brook Children’s Centre, June 2014)

“I love the fact it’s the same OT that I see when I go to Movers and Groovers as she has got to know what [my daughter] is like, so she can see the progress she is making, whereas others who see her less, don’t’ know how she’s progressing” (Parent, Ecton Brook Children’s Centre, June 2014)

“Good impact, children have benefitted from this service…it makes me look at some children’s development in a different way”.  (Jemma Sylvester, Creche Worker, Ecton Brook Children’s Centre, June 2014)

“[The OT] visited us a couple times to see our child in her environment, then was able to make helpful suggestions as to what we could change, what already worked etc…[The most helpful things were] practical advice e.g. dressing, potty training…We are so thankful this service exists, otherwise, our daughter may not have ‘been seen!” (L. Peters, Parent, March 2014)

“My child really enjoys her session and has progressed in many areas of her development.”
C. Smith, Parent (2012)

“Thrive OT has ensured a prompt referral process and informal way for parents to gain information.”
Jackie Line, Centre Manager, Ecton Brook Children’s Centre (2012)


“With [the OT’s] input we now feel that we are working with precision on the specific needs of individuals and are much more accurate and effective in preparing for learning and in addressing issuesthe number of incidents of aggressive behaviour is reduced across the school and some of our most distressed children are coping much better with the demands of the day as a direct consequence of sensory interventions.” (Tom O’Duidhir, Head of Kingsley Special Academy Trust, April 2014)

“Staff were able to explore an understanding of foundation skills for handwriting and identify different activities that would help support hand skills and pre-writing development. Staff were able to look at ways that the Nursery environment could be adapted to promote pre-writing skills. The content of the training delivered enhanced the staff’s knowledge of the importance of activities to promote early writing skills. It gave staff the time to analyse and reflect upon existing practice and how we could develop our practice further to enable every child to achieve to their full potential. As a Nursery we are looking forward to working further with you on the development of children’s writing within our setting.”

Carol Bull, Nursery Manager, Spring Lane Nursery (2013)