Welcome to Stacey Broadway OT

Stacey is the newest member of our associate team of specialists in the assessment and treatment of the children and adolescents with the following difficulties:

  • Delayed achievement of milestones – Get in touch if you are concerned about your child’s achievement of generally-accepted milestones e.g. sitting up, rolling, crawling, walking, potty training, independent feeding, smiling or making eye contact. Early intervention with such difficulties is very important.
  • Difficulty with daily living skills – We help children and young adults develop and refine the necessary skills for independent living e.g. dressing, grooming, maintaining personal hygiene, eating, participating in leisure activities, managing money and organising self/belongings.
  • Fine Motor difficulties – how we use our hands to complete intricate activities e.g. write neatly, use a scissors or manipulate toys, do/undo buttons, zips and laces, hold cutlery properly. These difficulties can lead to children needing more help at home and at school and being slow to complete everyday tasks.
  • Gross Motor difficulties – children with gross motor difficulties struggle to move fluidly and in a co-ordinated manner. Through play and fun activities, we can assess your child’s performance in this area and recommend intervention to address any difficulties.
  • Sensory Integration difficulties – Sensory Integration refers to our body’s ability to detect, interpret and respond to information in our environment, ideally in a timely and appropriate manner. Our Ayres Sensory Integration Trained therapists are specialists in identifying a child’s main difficulties, affected sensory systems and addressing these.
  • Emotional Regulation– All children need to learn how too express and manage emotions including frustration, turn taking and building friendships.  Play is the natural way children learn and develop. Play gives children a chance to express their feelings and practise managing them. Our therapists use a variety of relationship and play based approaches to help your child explore and understand feelings.

All of our Occupational therapists are skilled in evaluating your child’s performance relative to expectations for their age and can recommend strategies to make home and school life easier.